More than 30 years of striving
Pursuit of excellence
LUOXIANG history
  • 1985-1990
    4 years of hard working, from birth to growth

    In 1985, the predecessor of Guangdong Luoxiang Aluminum Co., Ltd. --- Nanhai County Luonan Copper-Aluminum Metal Factory was formally estalbished. The business was mainly the production of anodized aluminum profiles.
    In 1989, after four years of development, Luoxiang Aluminum built the extrusion workshop, casting workshop and casting production line, and purchased the first 800-ton extruder and the first 14-ton furnace to start producing aluminum profiles and aluminum rods, the products were mainly sold to Nanchang of Jiangxi, Hangzhou of Zhejiang, Changsha of Hunan, and continued to expand to surrounding cities.

  • 1991-1995
    The rising star, basing on quality, setting sail

    In 1992, Luoxiang Aluminum officially registered the "Luoxiang" trademark which contains the connotation of "taking off, developing at a high speed and striving to become an industry giant", and also symbolizes the unlimited expectation of Luoxiang Aluminum for a better future. In the same year, Luoxiang Aluminum introduced production equipment from abroad, further expanded the production, and the production capacity was rapidly increased, doubling on the original basis.
    In 1993, "Luoxiang" aluminum profiles won the Golden Medal in the National Building Materials Decoration Materials Expo. Luoxiang Aluminum is emerging in the industry with its strength. A shining star is rising.
    In 1995, Luoxiang Aluminum continued to introduce several multi-functional equipment, expanded its marketing network, and established the quality management system to make the production and management of products more standardized and more reasonable. Quality is the foundation for the "leap development" of the company. Luoxiang Aluminum keeps strict to quality. The recognition on the quality of Luoxiang Aluminum by the authoritative authority is the best proof.

  • 1996-1999
    Luoxiang is recognized with excellent quality

    In 1996, Luoxiang Aluminum successfully obtained the ISO9002 Quality System Certification and Product Quality Certification. Luoxiang Aluminum was entitled as the "Outstanding Private Enterprise of Guangdong Province in Quality Work" by Guangdong Technical Supervision Bureau; honorary certificate.
    In 1997, Luoxiang brand aluminum awarded the 1997 Top Ten Best-Selling Brand in Hunan market and awarded the "Quality Trustworthy Product" issued by Changsha Technical Supervision Bureau.

  • 2000-2005
    Develop diversified products and build new blueprint

    In 2000, Luoxiang Aluminum added the electrophoresis workshop and painting workshop, and the products of the company developed towards diversified categories.
    In 2002, Luoxiang Aluminum awarded the Product Quality Certification and Quality Management System Certificate, and was ranked in the "China Famous Product" in the national famous product series publicity events.
    In 2003, Luoxiang Aluminum awarded the Certificate of Excellent Enterprises in Quality Management issued by China Quality Mark Certification Group.
    On June 20, 2004, Luoxiang Aluminum Co., Ltd., which covers an area of 180mu, was formally established, marking that Luoxiang Aluminum has stepped on a new height. For 20 years of development, Luoxiang Aluminum has achieved gratifying results. But the dream is still going on, and the full-fledged Luoxiang Aluminum is drawing the next blueprint.

  • 2006-2009
    Continue to fly high with a new look

    In 2006, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the "Certificate for Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection" to Luoxiang Aluminum;
    In 2007, China Enterprise Development Regulatory Commission issued the "China Top 10 Aluminum Enterprise Certificate" to Luoxiang Aluminum;
    In 2008, China Quality Mark Certification Group issued the Product Quality Certification and Quality Management System Certificate to Luoxiang Aluminum;
    In 2009, the new office building of Luoxiang Aluminum was completed, providing the better working environment for Luoxiang employees. Luoxiang Aluminum will continue to open up a bright future with a new look, and fly like an eagle.

  • 2010-Now
    New Luoxiang, new journey, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence and leading

    In 2013, Luoxiang officially launched the "New Image and New Luoxiang" project. From the inside to the outside, the company was completely transformed and started a new journey with a new look!
    Today, Luoxiang products have covered the construction doors and windows, curtain walls, home decoration, home and various industrial profiles, with nearly 10,000 product categories, and nearly 20 national patent products. In addition to covering Most of the regions in China, the marketing network has gradually extended into Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America and Australia, and has earned high credibility and good reputation from customers.
    We know that it is important for the eternal operation of the company to keep constant innovation, pursue excellence and leading, and always maintain good quality and considerate service. Luoxiang Aluminum will fly freely in the blue sky with a fuller spirit and a stronger tenacity!