Product Sales and After-Sales Service Commitment
After sales service
  1. Product Quality

  2. Product Packaging

  3. Product Transport

  4. After sales service

  • Product Quality
    Our company has strict product quality assurance system (described in the quality assurance section). All processes are tracked by full-time quality inspectors and process supervisors. The quality inspection center equipped with equipment provides comprehensive supervision on the product quality. Each batch of products is provided with the quality assurance certificate based on the test data. In addition, Luoxiang also consults the customers for their opinions on our products, and strives to achieve reasonable layout and combination of product quality and door and window structure.
    If there is quality problem in the delivery process, your company may notify our company in writing, and we will dispatch the quality inspectors and technicians to the site within 24 hours. After checking that the product quality problem is caused by our company, we guarantee to return and exchange as soon as possible.
  • Product Packaging
    In order to ensure that the qualified products are not damaged by friction during transportation and handling, our coated profiles are separated by 3mm thick EPE cotton, and then wrapped with single-layer composite paper, and the oxidized colored profiles are separated by thin paper, the electrophoretic profiles are separated by thin transparent film and wrapped with single-layer composite paper, and each profile is affixed with anti-counterfeit trademark, and each end of each bundle is affixed with the product identification.
  • Product Transport
    Our company has the experience of successful sales and transportation of products in the northern market. We have cooperated with the large transportation company with good reputation and quality assurance and signed the strict transportation and delivery contract. If there is loss of products during transportation or damage of products caused by accident, a certain loss will be compensated according to the invoice. In addition, all assurance measures such as supply insurance are also provided. For the large batch, our company will also adopt the train transportation scheme to ensure timely delivery of batch products, thus ensuring the construction schedule of your company.
  • After sales service
    If our company becomes a partner of your project, we will assign special staff to track and assist our products delivery and quality, and the quality and other issues can be communicated and handled in time.
    If your company has some technical problems during the construction, our company will dispatch professional technicians to the site for solving the problems.
    If there is any problem in the cooperation, our company will provide technical support in all aspects, and continuously improve the service level of our company through cooperation.